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2. September 2023
On the Malerweg Trail in the 
Elbe Sandstone Mountains

On September 2, 2023, Mexican-Norwegian ambient musician Carmen Villain, Venetian romantic Gigi Masin and North German sound poet Cass. will punctuate one of the most beautiful stages of the Malerweg with atmospheric ambient music.

The poetic sound compositions are interwoven with the surrounding nature around the peak through subtly placed speakers. On the winding footpaths, an idyllic strolling through lush nature emerges, a musical hiking day without destination or sense of time. A random cycle of dotted sounds and undisturbed nature experience is created.

Carmen Villain is a Mexican-Norwegian artist and producer who weaves soundscapes from field recordings, acoustic instruments, and electronic elements into mystical sonic spaces. Her 2022 released album "Only Love From Now On" was highly praised: The Fader celebrates it as a "triumph of quiet beauty", The Quietus praises it as a "perfect release".

Gigi Masin is an Italian musician and composer known for his deeply felt ambient and new age compositions. He was born in Venice in 1955 and began his career in the 1970s as a member of the experimental band The System. Later he worked as a solo artist and produced several albums, including "Wind" (1986), "Les Nouvelles and Musiques De Chambre Volume 2" (1991). Long forgotten, the compilation "Talk to the Sea" on the renowned archive label Music from Memory brought Masin closer to a contemporary audience (2014).


The Bremen artist Cass. has been releasing music on renowned labels such as Growing Bin Rec., Throne of Blood, and Into The Light Rec. since 2012. His releases range from organic and loop-based ambient pieces to Balearic and percussive recordings. His latest work, "Ambient Music For A Young Girl", has been widely praised as a quiet ambient triumph.


WanderKlang is the result of an inner longing to experience music at its origin of inspiration. In nature, without disturbing. To take oneself back and create a musical introspection that is as contemplative as a pilgrimage.

Thus, the idea of a sound experience was born. Romantic, embedded in the sound of nature - instead of overpowering it like a loud, hedonistic festival.

The Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is the epitome of romance and connection with nature. Poets and painters have been inspired and enchanted by the unique rock formations for centuries. We want to capture this magic and stage the legendary beauty of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains along the Malerweg as an experiential sound installation.



WanderKlang is not advertised, but shared exclusively through informal networks. There are no admission fees, barriers, or "Dixi" toilets. And no festival tourism. Only a group of like-minded music enthusiasts will know exactly where WanderKlang will take place.

All other guests are hikers who happen to be on their way and are surprised by a unique experience. In this way, we ensure that the audio-visual beauty is at the center and nature is not compromised.

Register here if you want to be there.

WanderKlang in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is the first of its kind experience and the start of an international sound-pilgrimage tour along the most beautiful trails in Europe. At this point, many thanks to the Gestalten publishing house, which, with the book WanderLust, inspired us to think of ambient music as a pilgrimage rather than a festival.


Out of conviction

Thanks to music: WanderKlang, our tribute to artists who inspire us. Feel the power of ambient music - a melody that creates mindfulness and emphasizes the connection between us and our surroundings. A soundtrack for a better life. Get inspired.


We want to say thank you. The last few COVID years have been tough. During this time we always retreated into nature, let our souls dangle and listened to incredibly beautiful music. This music gave us energy and created an ambience in which we could do courageous things even in difficult times. Carmen Villain, Gigi Masin and Cass. are three of the artists who gave us unforgettable experiences with their music. In this respect, WanderKlang is an act of heartfelt gratitude and an ode to these three artists.


We want to bring the power and impact of ambient music closer to people. Ambient music creates atmosphere. Ambient music can create melancholy and euphoria. Ambient music creates mindfulness and makes the connection between us and our environment tangible.

To Ambient music no wars are fought and it does not tempt to vile behavior. If the soundtrack of life were a little more ambient music, our society might be a little better.


Practical Information

WanderKlang takes place on the Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains between Königstein and Bad Schandau. Where exactly you will find out after registration. You can register here: Eventbrite.

WanderKlang takes place in the midst of nature around a mountain peak between rocks and trees. At the foot of the mountain there is a parking lot and a bus stop. There is no shuttle. The ascent from the foot of the mountain takes about 20-30 minutes and can be done comfortably with average fitness and health.

Food and drinks can be purchased. But you are also welcome to bring your own.

Please make sure you don't leave any trash behind. We will have plenty of trash cans.

WanderKlang starts at noon and ends at sunset. We ask you to really start the descent then.

Is WanderKlang something for children? If your kids enjoy the symbiosis of nature, sound, and their own selves, then it might be a good fit. Just ask yourself if you would take your kids on the pilgrimage.

There are many overnight accommodations in Saxon Switzerland. You can find an overview here ( Don't book too late. The Malerweg is a popular destination.


One More Thing

Please remember that WanderKlang is NOT a festival.


This is about the symbiosis of sound and nature. It is not about you. The experience is created in your head and we wish you great sensory impressions.


We wish you to refrain from loud, extroverted behavior.

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